Country File: EGYPT

It is entirely possible that Egypt is the oldest tourist destination on the planet. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans traveled to this fascinating land to see the Pyramids, the temples and the Nile. It is ironic that the people who once worshipped "Ra" (the sun-god) have endured centuries of spiritual darkness. From Pharoahnic dominance, to Islamic rule, we now as Christians must embrace our Muslim half-brothers and half-sisters in Egypt with God's love and tell them of the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Medical Outreach
Team members will be participating in a "Health Carnival," which is essentially a mobile medical clinic. Supervised by our contact, who is a licensed medical doctor, the team will assist at many levels including preliminary diagnoses, pharmaceuticals, medical education, and spending quality one-on-one time with the people. Those who have no medical training or background will participate in several basic medical-training sessions. Everyone will have the opportunity to help at the clinic. Health-care professionals will certainly be utilized to the extent of their training and abilities.
Not only will the team be able to work with under-privileged Egyptians, but also Sudanese refugees who have fled their war-torn nation and are desperate for medical care.

Special Outreach
In addition to participating in the medical clinics, team members will participate in a 1-2 day training session where everyone will learn more about Islam, what it means to be a Muslim in the Middle-East and how can we as Christians share our faith with them in a culturally-sensitive manner. Team members are encouraged to learn as much as possible about this area of the world, their culture, and their religion previous to the trip. Global Infusion will be providing each person with adequate and approved material.

Airfare and In-country Transportation
At Global Infusion, we are committed to taking care of as many logistical details as possible, so you, the short-term missionary, can focus on your INFUSION ADVENTURE.  We coordinate all the airline travel booking as it is included in the trip cost.  We also are responsible for the organization of all in-country transportation.  The cost of your flight is included in the total trip cost.

Passports & Visas
Both a valid passport and an Egyptian visa are required for travel.  If you do not have a valid passport, please click here to obtain one.  Egyptian visas are processed in the Cairo airport, which Global Infusion will facilitate.  Visa and processing are included in the total trip cost.

A recent tetanus, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitus B are all recommended.
(GI staff will help you with acquiring any necessary vaccination or medication information required for foreign travel.) Vaccination and immunization costs are not included in your total trip cost as you will have to obtain these at a medical facility where you live. If you have any questions or concerns about your immunizations, please contact your family physician before they are administered.

The team will be staying in flats (rented apartments) will full amenities.  Each person will have their own bed, but sleeping bags (or your own sheets) and a pillow case are recommended.  Breakfast and dinner will usually occur at the flats, with lunch being eaten on the road.  Clean water is readily available.

There will be many historic sites to see and explore here in Egypt.  From the Pyramids of Giza, to the Cairo Museum that houses all the artifacts from King Tutankhamon's tomb, to perfume, alabaster and papyrus stores, the choices of things to do in Egypt is endless.

All other information, including what to pack, weather conditions, country history, fundraising techniques, health recommendations, and cross-cultural travel tips are all included in the INFUSION ADVENTURES manual you will receive once your application and deposit has been returned to the Global Infusion office.

$2995 Per person

(airfare included, 2 week trip)

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