Global Intern

becoming a long-term missionary


One of Global Infusion's purposes of existence is to train, empower, and send out those who desire to make a long-term commitment residing overseas in countries where they feel they can personally make a positive difference, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many ways.

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

          1. How do you feel when you see pictures or videos of people from other countries?

          2. What do you think about when you see images of people who lack food, medicine, a home, family, and especially, a relationship with Jesus?

Here is your answer: If you want to help impact this world for God, or you have felt the call to serve Him overseas by reaching out to people in need, becoming a Global Intern is the answer to those questions.

You begin training at our head office in Knoxville, Tennessee. Then, you will be stationed at one of our country sites for a minimum of one year. Every country we work in is extremely different, and has a variety of ways to serve.


After more than a decade of sending short-term mission teams around the world, Global Infusion is officially expanding and launching two new long-term branches: Global Intern and Global Missionary

          Global Intern: training to become a long-term missionary (9 months)

          Global Missionary: serving overseas for a minimum of one year

What to Expect to Learn

  • World Missions & Cross-Cultural Ministry Training
  • Global Infusion Structure, History, and Methods
  • World Religions
  • Language Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical Ministry Training
  • Physical Conditioning and First Aid Certification
  • Missions Photography
  • Missions Marketing/Networking
  • Long-Term Fundraising & Budgeting (Overseas and Stateside)
  • Pastoral Credentialing (currently optional)



  • Must have a vision to spend 1 year or more on the mission field
  • Must have a laptop (including Microsoft Word and Excel)
  • Must have a vehicle (transport from host home to GI office)
  • Must have personal health insurance (while Stateside)
  • Complete GI Intern application and interview process
  • $900 deposit due August 1, 2017. What’s included?:
    • Class Textbooks
    • Language Platform Access
    • Red Cross First-Aid Certification
    • Intern/Missionary Retreat
    • TESOL Training
  • Relocate to Knoxville, Tennessee by August 18th or 19th ,2017
    • GI will assist with housing: host homes (low cost), apartment (high cost)
    • GI Interns are responsible for living expenses while Stateside
      • Estimated $200/per month totally $1,800
    • Raising monthly budget for overseas placement prior to departure

2018 Global Intern Countries

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