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Knoxville, TN

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India, Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Ghana

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Jonathan is a graduate of Oral Roberts University [B.Mus.(’97) / M.Div.(’00)] and has been involved in mission work in 40 countries around the world. Over the past twenty years he has led over 70 missions teams to countries such as Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, India, Russia, Guatemala, Australia, Ghana, Ukraine, Peru, Mexico, Guyana, and France. His wife, Joscelyn, is trained in the dramatic arts.

She has both co-led teams with him, and led several GI mission teams on her own. She is also a professional actress and photographer. Jonathan and Joscelyn have three children: Luke, Aaron, & Naomi.

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commission over condition

commission over condition

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Healing.  Jesus was always among the people. Even though He was the Son of God, the Savior to all humanity, one with the Father and the Spirit, He spent nearly every waking minute of His life on...

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Open.  Have you ever locked yourself out of your house, apartment or dorm room? What about your car? It’s a terrible feeling, right? You quickly go through the stages of grief: denial (my keys can’t...

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Whether you’re interested in customizing a short-term trip for your team, or you feel called to the nations long-term, Global Infusion can help you do both.

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