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team poses on a short term mission trip

Short-Term Missions

Short-term strengthens the long-term. We train and mobilize teams to engage in intentional mission trips that empower the nationals then see enduring results.

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Infusion Academy

We are looking for people whom God has called long-term to the mission field. To prepare you, we have established our Infusion Academy: a path to becoming a career missionary with GI that includes earning an accredited degree, and being mentored by experienced missionaries and indigenous leaders.

Who We Are

Global Infusion is a pathway to the mission field. We focus on organizing, developing, and sending mission teams and long-term missionaries around the world.

Established in 2003, Global Infusion is an international missions organization that seeks to become a catalyst of healing, in a culturally sensitive manner, for every degree of human need: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We focus on those who cannot provide or attain these things adequately enough for themselves. We work to strengthen and empower the leaders in these nations who have both a heart, and a strategy for helping and reaching their own people.

Featured Mission Trips

A team on a mission trip to Guatemala


The exquisite appeal of this country comes from it’s natural beauty. The views are breathtaking through the mountains and valleys. The coffee produced here is shipped to 5-star restaurants in Europe. There are volcanoes, Mayan ruins, jade, and much more to entice tourists. Yet in all this splendor, there is much work to be done for the Kingdom of God. There are people who are experiencing starvation, others are disillusioned by cult-like groups who call themselves Christians, and many still have not heard the Gospel.

Friends take a picture with a family on a mission trip to India


The incredible diversity in this country is unmatched anywhere else in the world. It’s immense size, population, and plethora of temples, sacred sites, abandoned cities, and ancient ruins can drive the newcomer into sensory overload. However, in this vast array of astonishing monuments are millions of people searching. They are searching for hope around every corner. With almost as many gods as there are people, it is our prayer that they find hope in the One who came to bring them life: Jesus.

A team on a mission trip to Guatemala


Rich with African heritage, Ghana is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. One would never know that these precious people once bore the brutality of colonization, had much of their land stripped of valuable minerals, and endured the enslaving of their own. Though there is a Christian influence in the nation, many are still captivated with the animistic religions of old. Though smaller than the American state of Oregon, Ghana is one of Africa’s most densely populated countries.

Project & Development

Feeding the hungry. Planting Churches. Sponsoring education. Providing medicine for the sick. Through our P&D, we purposefully address the tangible needs of those we reach.

Ukraine Church Planting and Aid

Global Infusion has been working in Ukraine since our founding 20 years ago. Join us in supporting our Church Planting expansion, Humanitarian Aid efforts, and Local Pastor’s vision.

Costa Rica- Sarapique Construction Project

This month, we will be collecting funds to build a vocational training center in the remote village of Costa Rica. The name of the city is Sarapique which located in the middle of the Chiquita Banana Plantation of Costa Rica. The village is full of immigrants from Nicaragua and other Central American countries. Join us in raising funds to providing a vocational training building for those living in this remote village.

Church Planting

Global Infusion is focused on a specific, unreached area in South Asia to plant churches. In this Gospel-deprived country, millions have not heard the name of Jesus – not even once. 100% of your donation will go toward sending and establishing a full-time Pastor for that region. The Gospel can transform an entire village.

From The Mission Field

Learn how Global Infusion is seeing lives changed in the nations through updates from GI’s President, and also our active missionaries on the field.



War. Women and children murdered. Families running for their lives, waving white flags, killed. Trains and cars carrying non-combatant civilians shot to death. Babies being born in underground...

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Be Sent.

Whether you’re interested in customizing a short-term trip for your team, or you feel called to the nations long-term, Global Infusion can help you do both.

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