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PERU: Sound System and Equipment

Each month we will be focusing on different Project and Development projects that our Global Infusion Contacts are working on. This month, we are focusing on the Country of Peru.

From Chris Penner, GI Missionary stationed in Cusco, Peru

Iglesia Central Cusco is the church that Global Infusion works with in Cusco, Peru. We are about halfway into a four-year project, the focus being “making disciples.” We have created a program that is designed to train and equip 300 people in the church to be able to do outreach and discipleship. The goal is to double the number of people who are a part of the program each year through 2020. The goal is 3,000 disciples of Jesus Christ by the end of 2020. There is no desire of our church leadership to make this only about growing the church to 3,000 members. Our goal is to have more people who are disciples of Jesus Christ to be sent out and make more disciples until we reach all of Peru, then South America, and eventually the entire world.

We have four services on Sunday, and a young adult service, youth service, and children’s service that we do once a month on different Saturdays.  However, much of our sound and music equipment is broken, or breaking down. We are looking into the cost of replacing all of our microphones, several instruments, speakers, and a crossover sound system. Our tech team is doing all they can to make what we have last until we can purchase new equipment.

The breakdown of this equipment has become a slight distraction, and we are hoping to resolve these issues quickly so that we may address other pressing issues and not be worried if we are going to have functioning equipment at every service. The worship team and tech team are coming together to do fundraisers here in Cusco, but any outside help we could get would go a long way.

List of Items Needed:

2 Hands Free cordless microphones

3 Cordless microphones

4-6 Microphones with Cable

Cables for Microphones and to connect Computer to Sound Board



Drum Set

Rechargeable 9V Batteries For Mics

Speakers for Bass, and other speaker

Crossover Sound System


Approximate Cost: $5,000 USD



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