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by: Oswald J. Smith

Almost 2000 years have passed and the desire of Jesus that all should hear the Good News is as strong as ever. In this remarkable book, Oswald J. Smith maintains that the Church which takes this command seriously will experience the blessing of God.

The Challenge of Missions will stir you to gain a vision for 'world' evangelization. It will challenge you to give more to missions than you thought possible. It will set you on a quest to the uttermost parts of the earth until the Gospel has been preached to every creature. And when The Great Commission has been fulfilled... then shall the end come!

For a donation of $10 or more, this book is yours. It also makes a great Christmas gift.


GI Missionary Spotlight

Meet: Chris Penner


Location: Cusco, PERU
Current Status:  Full-time GI Missionary
Global Infusion Intern: August 2014 - January 2015
Global Infusion Missionary: January 2015 - Present

Chris currently teaches English four days a week, visits two villages, work with kids, and occasionally preaches. He is in the process of starting a GI missions program in Cusco which we hope will become a full-time international mission training center. His work specifically for Global Infusion is to take care of all necessary logistical items, relay information between Global Infusion and our Peruvian contacts, and take care of any other logistical items that is required in order to facilitate short-term GI mission teams to Cusco. When GI teams are in-country, Chris is with them and helps both the Team Leaders and team members with whatever they may need.

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