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Jonathan Haward

Established in 2003, Global Infusion is an international missions organization that seeks to become a catalyst of healing, in a culturally sensitive manner, for every degree of human need (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). We focus on those who cannot provide or attain these things adequately enough for themselves, and empower the leaders in these nations who have a strategy for helping and reaching their own people.

I believe God has called each of us to go into every person's world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sometimes this requires us to feed those who are starving, deliver clothing, construct homes and other facilities, teach in schools, run a VBS, work in an orphanage, or facilitate medical clinics. At other times we spread the Gospel by preaching in remote villages, on the city streets, or in underground church meetings. In every case, we are called upon to minister God's love one-on-one with people through our personal interaction with them and through prayer for those who are broken in spirit.

The success of Global Infusion lies in the organization's ability to involve many people, each of whom operates in a different, but very important role. The Board of Directors and Financial Review Committee (FRC) meet annually to guide this new organization into a successful future. Equally necessary and important are the volunteers who utilize their talents and invest their time and energy to make sure the projects and people we work with are successful. Finally, there are those who travel with us around the world, who through their physical presence, using their God-given talents and willingness, make a lasting impact in the lives of others.

Jonathan Haward, President & Founder
Global Infusion, Inc.

Global Infusion Staff


Executive Personnel Bios

JONATHAN HAWARD :President & Founder



Jonathan is a graduate of Oral Roberts University [B.Mus.('97), M.Div.('00)] and has been involved in mission work in over 30 countries around the world. Over the past twenty years he has led more than 60 missions teams to countries such as Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, India, China, Peru, Guatemala, Tanzania, Australia, Russia, Ghana, Ukraine, Mexico, Guyana, France, Nicaragua and the Philippines. His wife, Joscelyn, is trained in the dramatic arts, and has co-led several missions teams with him. She is also a professional photographer. Jonathan and Joscelyn have three children: Luke, Aaron, and Naomi.

JOHN HAWARD: Vice-President



John has been a Pastor and in full-time ministry for over 40 years. As an ordained minister, he and his wife, Judy, have held various pastoral positions, including Minister of Families and Young Couples, Pastor of Family Ministries and Counseling, Radio Talk-Show Host, Senior Pastor, and church-planters. John completed his undergraduate work through the College of Biblical Studies (P.A.O.C.), and obtained his Master of Theological Studies through Tyndale College and Seminary in Toronto, Ontario.  Both John and Judy have also ministered in several countries around the world and continue to make an impact in the nations where Global Infusion travels. John is also a trained trumpet player and musician.

Our Staff

KYLE BENNER: Infusion Adventure Coordinator

Kyle and Bethany


Kyle has been volunteering and interning with Global Infusion for seven years. After graduating from Lee University with his degree in Intercultural Studies, he is now on staff at Global Infusion as the Infusion Adventures’ Coordinator. He has been the team leader for many teams around the world including: Guatemala, Egypt, Philippines, Ghana, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, and Kenya. His wife, Bethany, is the administrative assistant to the children’s department at Park West Church. Kyle and Bethany work together in missions and ministry overseas and locally.

JOE KOEHN: Accountant



Joe has been serving at Global Infusion since it's inception in 2003.  He has been both a staff member and a member of GI's Board of Directors.  He and his wife Jodie have traveled with GI to Mexico, and Jodie has co-led a mission team to the Middle East with Jonathan when he was a youth pastor.

Our Global Infusion Team










This group of leaders was formed in 2003 to provide accountability, guidance and creative ideas for Global Infusion as it began it's existence. The members of this board come from various backgrounds and have specialties in a wide variety of fields - including pastoral leadership, law, management, counseling, finance, art, and construction. Currently, the board meets annually and is responsible for the management and general oversight of operations. Outside of two staff members who are part of the board, all Board members serve without compensation.

The Board is also responsible for the review of all financial records and financial management. The monitoring of all financial controls, record-keeping, reports and statements is performed by the Financial Review Committee (FRC), which consists of 2 Board members and one Global Infusion staff member. This committee is also responsible for generating the annual budget, and it's evaluation throughout the year.

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