Our Values

What we’re made of.


We believe the strongest unit God created is family. It is demonstrated repeatedly in the Bible. While every family may look different, there are core principles of success that we strive to achieve in the GI family: strength, trust, loyalty, encouragement, and love.


We believe that everything we put our hands, our minds, and our hearts to, requires more than one person.

To accomplish great dreams requires a great team.


We believe that we are born into this generation, to reach this generation with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

We go where the need is greatest.


We believe that it is important to be good stewards of every resource we are given: people, time, and funds. Our actions are led by the Holy Spirit, meaningful to the people involved, and yield a long-lasting result.


We believe we are commissioned by Jesus to go in to all the world, to make disciples of all nations. We operate under His authority, His anointing, and His power.


We believe that everything we do is unto the Lord, and influences people for eternity. Therefore, we are determined to conduct every aspect of our ministry with excellence.


We believe we are known by our words and our actions.

We will do what is right, keep our word, under-promise, and over-deliver.

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