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Your path to becoming a long-term missionary

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We are looking for people whom God has called long-term to the mission field. To prepare you, we have established our Infusion Academy: a path to becoming a career missionary with GI that includes earning an accredited degree, and being mentored by experienced missionaries and indigenous leaders.

Ask yourself these two questions

Question #1

Do you feel that God has called you to the nations?

Question #2

Did you know it is possible to become a long-term missionary while earning a degree?

Answer: Infusion Academy

Start your path to becoming a long-term missionary with Global Infusion at our Infusion Academy. Earn an accredited Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies, or a Master’s degree, learn another language, engage in cross-cultural ministry, and be mentored by experienced missionaries and indigenous leaders.

What to Expect 

  • Global Infusion Structure, History, and Methods
  • Mentoring
  • Earn Accredited Degrees
    • Undergraduate Certificate Intercultural Studies (1 Yr)
    • A.A. In Bible &Theology (2 Yrs)
    • B.A. in Intercultural Studies (4 Yrs)
    • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies or Master of Divinity (6 or 7 Yrs)
  • Practical Ministry Training and Experience
  • Cross-Cultural Ministry Training and Experience
  • Study World Religions
  • Foreign Language Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Physical Conditioning
  • First Aid Certification
  • Missions Photography
  • Missions Marketing/Networking
  • Long-Term Fundraising & Budgeting (Overseas and Stateside)
  • Ministerial Credentialing (optional)

Long-Term Locations



Latin America


Interested in Becoming a Long-Term Missionary?

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