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About Mission Trips to South Asia

The incredible diversity in this country is unmatched anywhere else in the world. It’s immense size, population, and plethora of temples, sacred sites, abandoned cities, and ancient ruins can drive the newcomer into sensory overload. However, in this vast array of astonishing monuments are millions of people searching. They are searching for hope around every corner. With almost as many gods as there are people, it is our prayer that they find hope in the One who came to bring them life: Jesus.

Ministry in South Asia

Team Trip

The main focus of this trip is to go where the need is greatest, and reach those who have tremendous needs in every area of their life. We strive to reach the people in a healthy, contentextualized manner, to see their lives transformed.

Mission Trip Info

Airfare and In-country Transportation

At Global Infusion, we are committed to taking care of as many logistical details as possible, so you, the short-term missionary, can focus on your INFUSION ADVENTURE. We coordinate all the airline travel booking as it is included in the trip cost. We also are responsible for the organization of all in-country transportation.  The costs of all flights and transportation will be included in the total trip cost.

Passports & Visas

Both a valid passport and an South Asia visa are required for travel. If you do not have a valid passport, please click here to obtain one. Once you have a passport, we will contact you regarding acquiring a South Asain visa. Global Infusion will facilitate all visa processing. Visa and processing are included in the total trip cost.


A recent tetanus and Hepatitis A and B are both recommended. Typhoid and Malaria are also highly recommended.

(GI staff will help you with acquiring any necessary vaccination or medication information required for foreign travel.) Vaccination and immunization costs are not included in your total trip cost as you will have to obtain these at a medical facility where you live. If you have any questions or concerns about your immunizations, please contact your family physician before they are administered.


Team Trip

The team will be staying in hotel facilities; each person will have their own bed (sleeping bags are not required). Food will, most of the time, be in local hotel or restaurants allocated by contacts, and purified water is readily available.


While in South Asia, you will be taken to the headquarters of our contact to gain a full understanding of how the ministry operates and become acquainted with the vision for this region. There will be plenty of opportunity for souvenir shopping, including gold and jewelry, rugs and carpets, hand-made furniture, clothing and artifacts and much more. There is also opportunity to see historic places from when South Asia was heavily influenced by Islam.


All other information, including what to pack, weather conditions, country history, fundraising techniques, health recommendations, and cross-cultural travel tips are all included in the INFUSION ADVENTURES manual you will receive once your application and deposit have been turned in to Global Infusion.

$3,000-$3,400 per person (depending on team size, length of trip, season of the year)

10-14 day trip // airfare included

Plan A Trip To South Asia

Whether you’re interested in setting up a short-term trip for your team or you’re called to the nations longterm, Global Infusion can help you follow your calling and customize a trip to any of our ministry sites.

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