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About Mission Trips to Russia

The Russian Federation is the world’s largest country, spreading across 9-time zones from Eastern Europe to the Pacific. 114 million Russians, along with 160 other ethnic groups and indigenous peoples, make up this northern Eurasian country. The Russian people have endured many hardships, both under the rule of the Tzars, and during 70 years of Communist rule. The collapse of the Soviet Union left both a moral and spiritual vacuum. Since then, the Gospel has spread widely, however, still less than 1% of the population regard themselves as “born again”. Siberia, feared as a land of exile during both the Imperial and the Soviet era, is not only a vast region of mining and industry, but also a landscape of dense forests, mighty rivers and rolling mountains.

Ministry in Russia


The team will serve in both urban and rural contexts, basing either in the Siberian city of Ulan Ude (Republic of Buryatia) or Yakutsk (Sakha Republic). Participants will be working along with national believers and translators to strengthen local churches in the cities and to conduct pioneer evangelistic outreach in villages where there are currently no evangelical churches. Emphasis will be on building strong team dynamics while ministering to adults, youth and children.

Mission Trip Info

Airfare and In-country Transportation

At Global Infusion, we are committed to taking care of as many logistical details as possible, so you, the short-term missionary, can focus on your INFUSION ADVENTURE. We facilitate all the airline travel booking as it is included in the trip cost. We also are responsible for the organization of all in-country transportation. The cost of your flight is included in the total trip cost.

Passports & Visas

Both a valid passport and a Russian visa are required for travel. If you do not have a valid passport, please click here to obtain one. Russian visas are processed through the Embassy in Washington DC; Global Infusion will facilitate this process. Visa and processing are included in the total trip cost.


All routine vaccinations should be up to date. A recent tetanus, and Hepatitis A and B are recommended. If you have any questions or concerns about your immunizations, please contact your family physician before they are administered.

While in the city the team will live and cook breakfast and dinner together in the team apartment. Lunch and some dinners will be in local cafes or believer’s homes. Most Americans enjoy the hearty Russian food. Those that pack lots of snacks often end up giving them to locals at the end of the trip because they are so well fed! During outreaches in the villages, believers may stay in private homes or hotels. Most outreach locations are located within a 50 km radius of the city. In such cases, team members will return to their apartment in the evening. Bringing along a sleeping bag will be helpful during the village trips.

In addition to enjoying the scenic vistas and sites at Lake Baikal, an overnight stay in Moscow will provide opportunity to see Red Square, St. Basal’s, the Kremlin, and the historic Arbat Street market.

All other information, including what to pack, weather conditions, country history, fundraising techniques, health recommendations, and cross-cultural travel tips are all included in the INFUSION ADVENTURES manual you will receive once your application and deposit has been turned in to Global Infusion.

$3,000- $3,400 per person (depending on team size, length of trip, season of the year)

12-14 day trip [ airfare included ]

Plan A Trip To Russia

Whether you’re interested in setting up a short-term trip for your team or you’re called to the nations longterm, Global Infusion can help you follow your calling and customize a trip to any of our ministry sites. 

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