Bricks Without Straw.

by | Jan 28, 2022 | President's Blog

Bricks Without Straw.


“You’ve got to be kidding me.”  How many times did you say that phrase last year? As faith-filled believers, we would like to think that no matter the circumstances, we will always have joyful praise and scriptures of encouragement and blessing coming from our mouths. This is (hopefully) true for the most part, but sometimes we all have days, or hear news that stops us in our tracks and we say, “Are you serious?”


Yet if we look back through history, humanity has endured very dire circumstances. There are many places in this world, with or without a pandemic, that are extremely difficult to endure life. Corrupt governments, war, famine, oppressive and demonic religions, and poverty are faced on a daily basis by millions of people.

When the Israelites  were in captivity, they were actual slaves. Brick-making was only one of their jobs, but it was a big one. Then after a series of events, the Hebrews woke up one day, only to hear that not only must they make bricks, but now they must do it without one of their key components: straw.


“Therefore say to the children of Israel: ‘I am the Lord; I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, I will rescue you from their bondage, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm…”
                                                                       – Exodus 6:6

Traveling the world right now has not become easier, it is harder. However, in the midst of our toughest situations, God rescues us, and redeems us, and we keep going, like our team to Guatemala this month. The Israelites eventually reached the Promised Land, because that was God’s purpose. His purpose today is the same as it has always been: redeem humanity. That is why we go. The world is still lost, and needs Jesus.


Jonathan Haward, President & Founder

Global Infusion

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