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I have found in life, that both good things and bad things can be hidden. Diamonds are expensive because their original geological form is found buried inside the Earth, then the process to transform them into priceless jewelry is also hidden to most of the world; while the information is available, most of us cannot describe every step of diamond production; nor does any singular person have the skill set to carry out each stage on their own. Now let’s look at something bad: trafficking. The stages of abduction, imprisonment, transporting, torture and sale of human beings is foreign to most people, except those in law enforcement and proactive ministries and organizations injecting themselves into the system so that it will stop. Evil primarily occurs in the dark – physically and metaphorically. Again, no singular person can facilitate an entire trafficking ring. Both with diamonds (good) and trafficking (bad), many people are required to achieve success.


In Matthew 13:44, Jesus says, “the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.”  Short version of the meaning of this parable: Jesus, like the field, is available to all, but He (or salvation through Him—the treasure) must be searched out.  Once found, Jesus is worth giving up or selling everything we have. Why? Because what He has to offer will sustain us throughout this lifetime, and the one to come. It is invaluable and produces joy.

What about people who haven’t heard of Jesus? What about those on the receiving end of activities like trafficking and other abuses? They are hidden. One of our teams just returned from Mexico where we addressed both.  Thank you to those who pray and give—we ask that you consider supporting us regularly in prayer and giving so we can continue to reach the unreached with the Gospel, and help the hurting.

Jonathan Haward, President & Founder                                  

Global Infusion




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