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Children attending VBS as part of the church plant in Jocotan, Guatemala. We want to sincerely thank you for praying for us while we were in Guatemala for two months. There was much work for the Kingdom accomplished. The picture above is some of the children we had the honor to work with every Friday. They were in Jocotan where the church was planted. As part of the church plant we gathered children from that community for VBS on Fridays. Sixty of these precious souls accepted Jesus as their savior. Please continue to pray for these children. Many come from Catholic or witchcraft backgrounds. They have been left in the care of pastor Jane. While in Guatemala we were able to feed many in the villages. As well as give needed help to mothers with their babies. In the way of formula, soap, baby clothes etc.. There was one mom in particular that captured our hearts. As we worked with her we found out she was just 18 years old. She had given birth to 4 children. One was just three weeks old. Pictured below. When we met the young woman through our children’s program. She looked as if she carried the weight of the world on her. She was depressed and hopeless. Revival Arrows was able to help her financially, and with food and formula. As well as education on how to care for the children. On the first meeting the newborn was covered with fleas because he sleeps on the ground. The family lives in the slums. After counseling with her we became aware her husband was in jail for severely beating her. So she was stuck with no income and no help. We were able to share the hope of Christ with her and help her make connections in the community to find employment. She was married off at just 14 because her parents couldn’t feed her. Please pray for her and her four young children. They have joined the newly planted church and are on their way to a different life.

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