Living Hope

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Jennifer's Blog

“How great the chasm that lay between us. How high the mountain I could not climb. In desperation, I turn to heaven. And spoke your name into the night. Then through the darkness your loving kindness, tore through the shadows of my soul. The work is finished, the end is written, Jesus Christ my living hope.” – Living Hope, song performed by Phil Wickham

Corona Virus. Two words that have struck fear in many a heart across the world. Cities are being closed, countries are shut down and closed off to people coming or going. Hand sanitizer is tough to find in stores. Masks are being worn. People are afraid to go anywhere. The world is dark, rough, scary, but we have hope.

Two words have struck fear into the hearts of people, but I know two words that bring life and hope, Jesus Christ. As the song says, “Jesus Christ our living hope”.  I understand people are scared. The devil is trying to keep people in fear and in isolation. I’ve been asked if I was afraid to travel to the Middle East with the Corona Virus spreading. People need Jesus. They need to know there is hope. I’m going.

Yes, it can become overwhelming in one’s daily life with work demands, school deadlines, car troubles, or relationship challenges. This has definitely been my life in the past month. Some nights I just need to cry to let the overwhelming emotions pour out of my soul. But when I stop focusing on all the noise in the world and sit and talk to Jesus, His peace, His hope floods my soul. My challenges may still be there for the moment, but He has covered me with His grace, His love, His living hope. Then I am at rest.

Remember, it’s not the two words Corona Virus you are to focus upon. It is the two words that bring hope in a dark world, Jesus Christ.

God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.

– 2Timonthy 1:7

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