Obedience Over Intelligence

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Koby's Blog

Happy New Year everyone! I hope all is well and your goals are high this year! Since the New Year has begun, I have been struggling with this repetitive thought that I’ve had to continually pray about and ask God to give me authority over. As I started to realize how much closer to my launch date I am, I began to worry myself with the thought of not being intelligent enough to minister to people. I want to go to The Philippines and give the people the word they want and need to hear. That thought just runs rampid in my mind, constantly tearing me down and making me feel like I am not qualified to do this. But surely by God’s grace and through the Holy Spirit I can accomplish it all.

These thoughts are most definitely from the enemy trying to prevent me from accomplishing everything the Lord has called me to do. There are plenty of examples in the Bible where Jesus called poor or uneducated men to points of leadership. The most popular examples are of course the disciples; Peter and John mostly(Acts 4:13). They were ordinary men yet God used them to lay foundations for the spread of the Gospel to the world.Their strength was not in their abilities but in their availability. Just like them, if I set my mind on things above and not on earth(Collosians 3:2) the enemy cannot destroy God’s plan for me.

I reflect on these men and find great comfort in their stories. I am aware of my limitations and insecurities, but I find peace in knowing that any success I will ever achieve is only the result of heavenly favor and blessing.Through this experience I have realized God didn’t ask for me to be the most intelligent person, God called me to be obedient. He calls you as well. Will you listen to the call?

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