The Road to Nepal

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Stephen's Blog

I am finally on my journey of becoming a long-term missionary! It was difficult to decide where to move because I wanted to be useful but don’t have any degree or specialty training. When I talked to the GI staff, I learned the Nepal contact needed help with a coffee shop and I have several years experience in management. Later I learned the contact was specifically requesting someone with computer skills which I also have! On top of that I love the ministry aspects they do: church planting,….. I am so excited for this opportunity to serve and learn!

As I learn more about Nepal, I cannot wait to go there in February to meet the people I will be moving to serve for at least a year. It will be an opportunity for me to… (meet the contacts, see the ministry first hand, and work out all the logistics of my move in May). I am asking you to be a part of this journey with me by praying for me as I continue to prepare and as I go. You can also be a part by giving. I am self funding, working as much as I can but will not be able to work in Nepal. Will you pray and consider donating one time or monthly? Every amount helps me reach my financial goals and helps ensure I can go into Nepal and see His Kingdom come. 

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