“Burnt Out”

I would be lying if I said I haven’t felt the symptoms of “burn out”.  Often times lately I have felt like I wanted to throw the towel in and say “I’m done, I can’t wait any longer.” I felt I worked too hard for 9 months to have my time in the Philippines jerked away...

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Those Who Need It

Why did God send Jesus to us?  Was it so those who were already followers of God could learn more about the Law?  Was it to encourage those who already went to the synagogues to go more often?  At one point in His earthly life, Jesus was asked why He...

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A Hero Goes Home

The world tends to judge a person according to their actions, which is a direct reflection of their character.  Character is not developed in public, it is forged quietly in daily living.  A few weeks ago, Global Infusion received the shocking news that one...

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Every January, I think back on the previous year and what God has done through Global Infusion.  In 2015, we sent out 24 mission teams, and launched 2 full-time missionaries.  I think about the hundreds, if not, thousands of lives that were changed. ...

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The Cost of Missions

As President and Founder of Global Infusion, one of my passions since Day 1 has been to diligently seek the Lord to have Him lead us to our Kingdom assignments around the world.  While there are millions of people doing amazing things for God in many countries, I...

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