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Don’t ever think you cannot make a difference. There truly is power in the godly actions of one person. For over 20 years, I have led mission teams full of people who just said “yes” to the Great Commission. Training and preparation is both necessary and important, but it does not take a specific profession […]

For the Long-Term

Did you know that Global Infusion also trains and sends long-term missionaries? Every facet of foreign missions plays a different, yet vital role to seeing the Kingdom of God grow. It takes the collaborative work of our indigenous Pastors and leaders, our short-term teams, and our full-time missionaries. In 1 Corinthians 9:22-23, Paul writes, “to […]

Beyond The Closed Doors

Do you know what a closed nation is?  There are countries in the world that severely punish their citizens for accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Punishment can include excommunication from family, loss of job, destruction of personal property, monetary fines, physical assault, imprisonment, and even death.  Closed nations are those that do not allow […]

Summer of Salvations

DONATE to GI What a summer we have had!  Global Infusion has launched 15 mission teams in the last few months to many nations around the world.  We have ministered in the Philippines, India, Peru, Tanzania, Ghana, and also in the closed nations in the Middle East and Asia.  We have seen many salvations, and […]

Those Who Need It

Why did God send Jesus to us?  Was it so those who were already followers of God could learn more about the Law?  Was it to encourage those who already went to the synagogues to go more often?  At one point in His earthly life, Jesus was asked why He spent so much time with […]

A Hero Goes Home

The world tends to judge a person according to their actions, which is a direct reflection of their character.  Character is not developed in public, it is forged quietly in daily living.  A few weeks ago, Global Infusion received the shocking news that one of our Guatemalan contacts, Pastor Eliú Gutierrez, at the age of […]

If Everything Is Missions

For most of my life I’ve periodically heard the phrase, “you’re a missionary wherever you go.”  I suppose I understand the general meaning behind it, but over the course of leading 70 foreign mission trips I’ve encountered a lot of actual cross-cultural missionaries.  When I see what they deal with every day, and hear their […]

Beyond Our Borders

I’ve noticed that while Jesus was on the earth, He was always moving.  He did not stay in His hometown of Nazareth.  In fact, He rarely stayed anywhere for very long.  He was on a mission to reach the hurting, the dying, the sick, the demonized, and the lost.  Were there no lost or sick people in Nazareth? […]

Christmas for Immigrants and Refugees

Two weeks ago, GI completed our 24th mission trip of the year.  We were in what is now our newest country site: Costa Rica.  While Costa Rica might be known as being on the higher end of the economic scale in Central America, our contacts brought us to a banana plantation where conditions are far […]

The Cost of Missions

As President and Founder of Global Infusion, one of my passions since Day 1 has been to diligently seek the Lord to have Him lead us to our Kingdom assignments around the world.  While there are millions of people doing amazing things for God in many countries, I have learned that there is a big […]

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