Saturate the Valley

The month of August is upon us. The next two months shall go by quickly with much work to be done. We have the honor to be involved in a Catalytic event in Georgia called OneRace. The vision is to unite the Body of Christ and take a stand against racism in the Body of...

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I Just Keep Going

“WHOM SHALL I SEND AND WHO WILL GO FOR ME?”   These are words that have echoed through my soul since I memorized them in bible drill as a young girl. For those of you who know the verse, yes I memorized it in it’s entirety but the next portion always caused my...

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September 2018- Guatemala

The past few months have felt like a whirlwind. We moved full time into the mission house in March. This time in the inner city has been fulfilling. We are making relationships with people who need the living Lord Jesus to transform their lives. The neighborhood is...

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This Summer

The summer flew by like a whirlwind. By the time we sat to reflect on all what God had done we were blown away. The faithfulness of the Lord always takes our breathe away. It amazes us what all God can do when we simply submit to his will with a simple yes. In May we...

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You’re going where?  When?  For how long?  At your age?  These are the questions I get every time I share the plan for me to go to Ghana in July, 2017 for a year.   My response is that I first received the call to GO when I was 10 years old.  I went forward in...

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