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News and updates from GI President, Jonathan Haward, on the ministry happening all around the world.


70,000  Seventy thousand. Imagine this number of people for a minute. Perhaps you have been to a stadium for a sporting event or a concert where you have been around this many people. Here is a...

The President’s Blog


Barriers  As if foreign travel doesn’t have enough challenges already, add in all that 2020 has brought us. International travel plus C-19 protocols makes for a very interesting experience. That being said, the more difficult the situation is in the natural, the more...

Silver Jubilee

Music Supplies for Silver Jubilee    Longevity is a hard fought battle. In relationships, in work, in ministry. The longer I live, the more I realize the truth behind the adage that it is easier to start something than to finish it. Virtually anything can be...


    Jacobeam    Four years ago we saw an unsung hero of the faith reach his eternal destination with Jesus.  Pastor Eliub Gutierrez lived and ministered with his family in the mountainous area of La Union, Guatemala. A church-planter with a heart for people, this...

Ivory Beds.

Do you know where most orphaned or abandoned children end up in this world? Especially in second and third world areas? We dream of a world that would have a good home, raised by godly parents, and have endless opportunities. Unfortunately, that is not the reality....

From Our Missionaries

New Chapter

 I am so excited to be moving to the Middle East as a Missionary in May. I have been training with Global Infusion since September and continue to...

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I am excited to announce that I am moving to The Philippines in May for at least  one year to help with church planting,evangelism, and out...

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Saturate the Valley

The month of August is upon us. The next two months shall go by quickly with much work to be done. We have the honor to be involved in a Catalytic...

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Be Sent.

Whether you’re interested in customizing a short-term trip for your team, or you feel called to the nations long-term, Global Infusion can help you do both.

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