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Façade.  (excerpt from Jonathan’s Sermon: “He is who He says He is”)    All four Gospels give a first-hand account of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey as a swarming crowd gathers before Him...

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Sacrifices. I recently returned from the beautiful country of Thailand, or as it is affectionately known: “The Land of Smiles.”  I’ve learned in life, however, that what you see on the surface is rarely a good indicator of what lies beneath. Thailand may be deemed a...


Forgotten. Have you ever been forgotten? Perhaps an adult forgot to bring you somewhere when you were little. Maybe you heard about a party that already happened and realized people forgot to invite you. Being forgotten is a terrible feeling - it’s like the other...


Twenty.     Twenty years ago, God called me to launch a missions organization. I left working at a large church to start something from nothing. Generation one. Nothing must become something. While this seemed like, and was, a daunting task, there were a few...


Obligation.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not to stop with us; it is to spread with us. We are Plan A, there is no Plan B. If we know Jesus, we are obligated to tell the world; and not just the world in our own backyard. THE world.   In Romans 1:14-15, Paul writes:...

From Our Missionaries

Love to Taal

Kumasta from the Philippines! I’m currently sitting in a Filipino McDonald’s reflecting on the past few days here. Thursday (Feb 6th) we visited the...

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New Chapter

 I am so excited to be moving to the Middle East as a Missionary in May. I have been training with Global Infusion since September and continue to...

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I am excited to announce that I am moving to The Philippines in May for at least  one year to help with church planting,evangelism, and out...

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