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News and updates from GI President, Jonathan Haward, on the ministry happening all around the world.

Except A Seed.

Except A Seed. The time for Jesus to die was coming close. Over the past few years, He relentlessly poured out His heart as He began to reveal His true purpose: to be the Savior of humanity. Listen...

The President’s Blog

School. Food. Jesus

School. Food. Jesus. Not every kid hates school. Shocking, I know. Quality education at any level is very often a luxury in most of the places where GI works and ministers. In Ghana, West Africa, as it is in several countries in Africa, many children do not attend...

Into the Fire.

Into the Fire. We got a van! (and a trailer) - and this van and trailer has had a very special mission: to transport food INTO the country of Ukraine to sustain innocent people who are under extreme duress as a result of an unprovoked attack on their nation. Our...


War. Women and children murdered. Families running for their lives, waving white flags, killed. Trains and cars carrying non-combatant civilians shot to death. Babies being born in underground subway stations. Evacuees running out of their prescription medicine before...


Tarahumara. Deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, there is an indigenous group of people known as the Tarahumara Indians. They are a quiet people, passive in nature. The women make their own clothes, as they do for their children. They grow their own food,...

From Our Missionaries

Saturate the Valley

The month of August is upon us. The next two months shall go by quickly with much work to be done. We have the honor to be involved in a Catalytic...

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September 2018- Guatemala

The past few months have felt like a whirlwind. We moved full time into the mission house in March. This time in the inner city has been fulfilling....

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This Summer

The summer flew by like a whirlwind. By the time we sat to reflect on all what God had done we were blown away. The faithfulness of the Lord always...

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ENJOY life!

I finally did it! Back story – We live near the village square.  There is a huge cement area where the community gathers every night.  The area is...

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